Welcome To Glasgow!

Glasgow is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. While it is very different from Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, it has it’s own unique atmosphere, dialect, and night life.
This city is a great mix of old and new – remnants of historical buildings, cobblestones and squares, as well as modern architecture and a young population thanks to the university. Glasgow is a large city in West Scotland, and is home to plenty of amazing attractions, making it an ideal place for relocation, studying, or even a weekend away.

Don’t let the rumors of poor Scottish weather put you off from visiting this amazing city. While it might rain, the landscape is most dramatic against the rolling black clouds. The fact that this city is home to multiple universities means that there are some amazing, low cost restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Scottish fare, beer and burgers, or even fine dining, this is the city for you. There are cheap beers, and there are some really fancy hangouts, plus you have the option of chilling out in the beautiful George Square, on the cobbles of the city center, or in one of the many side street places. There are shopping opportunities for high and low end shopping, as well as unrivaled culture. There are some great museums, art galleries, and theaters, which ensure that everything you could look for on a city break is available in the city.

Glasgow is an amazing place, that has it’s own distinct features, characteristics, and community. Everything you could possibly want or a fun weekend is available in Glasgow.