Technology and Innovation in Glasgow

If you work in the technology industry, or it interests you at all, Glasgow, though you may not expect it, is a great spot for you! The city has a prominent and ever growing tech industry that makes it a great place for start ups, and those looking to get into the industry. The city is scattered with incubators and co-working spaces include:

  • Creative Clyde; This community focuses on media tech and more creative elements of the industry. The location of this co-working space is strategically placed amidst radio and TV stations and big names, including BBC Scotland, Capital Radio and Film City Scotland. The location is also a bonus because it is located in one of four enterprise areas across Scotland which provides tax benefits.
  • Hillington Park Innovation Centre; This space is also lovingly known as HIPC

This is actually one of the leading centres in the entirety of the UK. The hub is home to close to 190 companies, from large to small, and has been around for over a decade, making it arguably one of the original innovation hubs.

  • inovo; this building offers high end offices right in the city centre. Equipped with the latest and greatest in equipment, office technology and space, this centre has attracted those innovators who have an interest in sustainability and sustainable technology.
  • Rookie Oven; this is rentable working space for those looking for something temporary and/ or shorter term. Basic space is offered to more independent entrepreneurs, start ups and small businesses.
  • Tech and Innovation Centre; This centre is unique in that it offers the opportunity for students to be partnered with experts in the industry to help bring their ideas, concepts, businesses and technologies to life. It helps with every phase from research to development, all the way to execution and funding. The experts can even help with securing data using sites like and other security platforms; and tips and tricks to help students ensure the success and longevity of their ideas and technology.