Dining In Glasgow

While many people may associate Scottish food with haggis, there are actually some great dining options in the city. While it’s absolutely worth trying the classic dish, whether you’re having haggis with a burger or haggis sausages, you may be surprised by how much you like it. However, if you’re not looking to explore the traditional culinary delights, there are still some amazing restaurants in Glasgow, whether you’re dining on a budget, or looking to treat yourself.

On A Budget

Scotch_EggsYou don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy a good meal in Glasgow.

  • Bier Halle – This is an old school German-style eatery, where you can choose from a v
    ast selection of beers, and get high quality, low-cost pizzas, sandwiches, and hot-dogs. Some food even comes free when you buy your drinks.
  • Philadelphia – This is an awesome fish and chips place that is open all hours of the day and also has an Italian place next door. Nothing can beat a good chippy at times, and this is one of the best available.
  • Avant Garde – This is a bar, live music joint, and also happens to boast an amazing value of low cost food, including a special deal of two main meals for £10.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes, it’s time to have an indulgent night out.

  • Brel – while there are plenty of options along Ashton Lane, but Brel, housed in old stables, is one of the best options. The moules-frites are especially tempting in this eatery.
  • Two Fat Ladies At The Buttery – this is a really upscale restaurant in Glasgow a great dining experience. While the decor is traditionally Scottish, which is only fitting for this well-known institution, the menu mainly focuses on seafood. While the surroundings are traditional and classical, the menu is creative and contemporary.
  • The Ubiquitous Chip – potentially the best restaurant in Glasgow, this is the birthplace of Scottish contemporary cuisine.

You would need a really long time to try all the best places to eat in Glasgow, but these are some great places to start.