Best Glasgow Attractions

1735134_c1fdf8f6Glasgow is a City of Culture, and a City of Music, and is a great blend of old and new, bringing together so much culture and vibrant architechture. However, many people are unaware of just how many great things there are to do in Glasgow. This list compiles some of the city’s best attractions, though meandering down the style mile and finding a place to eat on Ashton Lane is a great way to spend time, it’s nice to step out of the box every now and again too.

  • Art Galleries – The two main galleries in Glasgow are the Kelvingrove Gallery and Museum, and the Riverside Museum. Both of these institutions offer amazing art, but in man ways they are completely different. Kelvingrove is housed in a beautiful historical building, while Riverside was designed by a leading modern architect. Both boast interactive displays, and feature work from both Scottish and international artists.
  • Glasgow Science Center – science centers are no longer stuffy and boring, but fascinating interactive exhibits. This particular center even holds IMAX cinemas to really tell the stories of our planet and universe.
  • Burrell Collection – not all art is sculptures or oil on canvas. The Burrell Collection is home to alternative outlets for creativity, like glassware, tapestries and ceramics. While these make for beautiful exhibits, they are largely decorative arts that you don’t find in regular museums.
  • Glasgow Botanical Gardens – the huge Victorian glass house is a thing of beauty on it’s own, however the plants and flowers that grow inside are attractive, and really lovely to walk through for a relaxed day out.
  • Glasgow Green and the People’s Palace – these two attractions come together. While some people may want to wander around the many hectares of land and browse the stone archways outside the people’s palace, others may wish to enter and view the exhibits covering Glasgow’s history.

Glasgow offers something for everyone.