Areas of Glasgow

3614455720_1a5e649658_zThe third largest city in the United Kingdom, Glasgow is a sprawling and spread out locality, with suburbs that can greatly differ. Having some knowledge of the city makes visiting or relocating to Glasgow easier, as you can find the perfect area for your taste and budget.

The core of the city is based on the River Clyde – the inspiration for the song ‘Feather on the Clyde’ by Passenger. Most of the shopping, theaters, museums, and major transport are within this area and so this is the part of Glasgow that is most well known, but a lot of smaller businesses and residential areas are located in the suburbs, which their own characters and features.

  • Financial District – Though many people assume that the UK’s financial district is limited to London, this is actually a thriving sector in Glasgow too. Most of the firms located here are international, and largely revolve around the insurance business.
  • Merchant City – This area is both commercial and residential – from luxury apartments to converted warehouses, this was originally where the old markets used to be – recognized by the large Mercat Cross. This regenerated area includes a mix of modern buildings and pre-Industrial Revolution architecture, and this eclectic mix now boasts some high end boutiques and restaurants.
  • East and West -The East and West Ends of Glasgow are extremely different. The West End is a bohemian haven, home to students and nigh clubs, cafes, restaurants, and shopping for anyone looking for individual boutiques or one-off finds. The East End, however, is where you’d head for some fresh air, whether that’s at Glasgow Green, or watching a Celtic match.
  • North and South – the Northern part of Glasgow can lead to affluent areas like Milngavie, however most of this area suffers from low-employment rates, and is not a part of the city visitors want to see. The South Side is largely residential, and is an affluent area that also contains some historical public buildings.